Saturday, July 25, 2020

Demand Safe Schools Day of Resistance

DEMAND SAFE SCHOOLS: DSA says NO to premature in-person reopenings
Political conditions in the U.S. continue to deteriorate as we count down to a new school year and the threat of an in-person return to the classroom pushed by politicians in both major political parties threatens the lives of educators, support staff, parents, and students alike.
In the midst of this ever worsening crisis, mass action in the streets is the only antidote to the fear and uncertainty now gripping millions of people around school reopenings and the unchecked spread of COVID-19.
To that end, DSA has nationally endorsed the Demand Safe Schools Day of Resistance to school reopenings called for Monday, August 3rd by the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU), United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA), and an ever-growing list of other militant teachers’ unions and community organizations fighting the reckless return to in-person learning.
We’ll be in the streets demanding:
  • No reopening until the scientific data supports it
  • Police-free schools
  • All schools must be supported to function as community schools with adequate numbers of counselors and nurses and community/parent outreach workers
  • Safe conditions including lower class sizes, PPE, cleaning, testing, and other key protocols 
  • Equitable access to online learning
  • Support for our communities and families, including moratorium on evictions/foreclosures, providing direct cash assistance to those not able to work or who are unemployed, and other critical social needs
  • Moratorium on new charter or voucher programs and standardized testing
  • Adequate and equitable funding, through federal stimulus
  • Massive infusion of federal money to support the reopening funded by taxing billionaires and Wall Street
Here’s how YOU can take action to support the fight for safe schools!

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