Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Friedrichs v CTA

TEACHERS FILE FRIEDRICHS BRIEF: A group of California teachers filed the first salvo in a Supreme Court case that could impose right-to-work rules on government employees nationwide. Lawyers for Rebecca Friedrichs and several other teachers asked the high court to overrule its 1977 Abood precedent and prohibit unions from collecting non-member agency fees to cover bargaining costs. The plaintiffs say that unions such as the California Teachers Association "administer the largest regime of compelled political speech in the nation," according to the Sept. 4 brief
"California law makes these payments mandatory for every teacher working in an agency-shop school - which is virtually every teacher. This multi-hundred-million-dollar regime of compelled political speech is irreconcilable with this court's decisions in every related First Amendment context, as well as its recent recognition of 'the critical First Amendment rights at stake' in such arrangements," they said. 
Read the full brief, courtesy of On Labor
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