Thursday, February 18, 2010

March 4 Rally -Sacramento

  March 4, 2010.
March and Rally  for Education


Students  and  Faculty, will march to demand a decent  budget for California’s schools and universities. Protests will occur around the state, at universities and work sites at the Capitol in Sacramento.  Please join us.

The campaign for majority rule has a new web site.

In the last two years California’s  k-12 schools have received over a  $16 Billion  cut back.  California presently ranks  45th  of the states in per pupil spending and last among the states in class size.  Now, the Governor proposes to reduce  k-12 spending by another  $2.4 Billion. The U.C’s and the CSU campuses have suffered over a  $2 billion cut while tuition and fees were increased over 30%.  Classes have been cut, graduation delayed, and faculty dismissed.  They must not be cut more.  We must work together to save public education.

For 2010, the Governor proposes  further draconian cuts in Cal Works, IHSS, Medi Cal and Children’s nutrition  among others-  each of which hurts the  poor in our state.   State  budget cuts make the crisis worse. They create more unemployment. The legislature must hear from us.
To respond to these cuts, California needs majority rule.  We must eliminate the 2/3 rule on budgets and revenue.  Sign the California Democracy Act initiative.

What caused this crisis?
“The reality is that we got into this mess because of an overwhelming excess of greed and stupidity on the part of the Wall Street bankers and the people deciding economic policy. “ Dean Baker.  Economist.  The bankers and finance capital caused this crisis- make them pay for it!
The   California Faculty Association (CFA), the California Federation of Teachers (CFT) and California Teachers Association (CTA) have endorsed the Day of Action. Flyer by Sacramento Progressive Alliance.

You Can  Help End the Crisis in California!
Year after year our state continues its downward spiral:
financial crisis, gridlock, and the deterioration of our
public services: schools, parks, health care, public safety,
assistance for the poor, elderly, and disabled.

There’s one main reason:
Under California law, a two-thirds vote is required to pass
a budget or raise revenue. That means a minority of
legislators -- one-third plus one, in either the state Senate
or Assembly –– controls the legislature by saying no until
they get what they want. This is minority rule, not democracy.

The solution: bring democracy to California

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