Monday, October 12, 2009

The Economic Crisis and the University: Forum Oct. 13

Forum on the Economic Crisis:

The Economic Crisis, The Budget &

The University

Be a part of the solution.

Panelists: Prof Paul Burke, Co-Chair Sac. Progressive Alliance; Dr. Duane Campbell, Democratic Socialists of America; Sandra Folger, Grad Student; Kristina Lee, Pres. Campus Prog. Alliance; Kevin Wehr, Pres. CFA.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

1:30pm - 3pm

Orchard Room, CSUS University Union

Use regional transit or buy a one day parking pass.

In the Soul of Capitalism,  William Grieder describes the crisis  this way,

 “The conservative economic doctrine that has governed the country for a generation and  reshaped the society in many harsh ways is collapsing, though not yet fully dislodged.  We are witnessing the dying groans of a political ideology. The Market first theory failed as a governing regime essentially for practical reasons.  It did not deliver what it promised- reliable and widely shared prosperity.”
The old order is dying, but the new order has yet to be born.

He argues, 
The U.S. has two parallel political systems.  The official one, expertly equipped and in charge, produces and distributes political opinions and ideologies from the political class.  { and shapes the teaching of economics in universities}

The “other America”, weak, dispersed, largely non organized, scattered and passive, is the broad landscape of ordinary people.  Our yearnings are silenced, ignored and/or easily manipulated.

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