Friday, July 03, 2009

Schwarzenegger cuts schools, protects prisons

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg said separately Thursday that they are optimistic a budget deal can be struck within several days.

The tone of their comments marked a stark contrast to Capitol fighting over the last few weeks between Democrats and Republicans over bridging the state's $26.3 billion budget gap.

Steinberg also said Democrats had given up any attempt to increase taxes on tobacco or establish an oil severance tax.

In a Capitol news conference, Steinberg said significant progress is being made behind closed doors, adding, "It's time that we get this done."

Steinberg said he is encouraged by lengthy discussions Wednesday with Schwarzenegger and legislative leaders.

"I'm going to be here and I know that some of my colleagues are going to be here around-the-clock today, tomorrow and over the weekend with the hope and expectation that over the next several days we will complete this and complete it successfully."

See the article below about the cutting of Prop. 98. And the California Budget Project analysis.
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