Thursday, June 04, 2009

Technology: Hang your head in shame

California's elected officials, both the Governor and the Legislature, should hang their heads in shame.
This is an indication of failure to provide resources for education.

California falls behind in Internet access
California appears to be falling behind the curve on many indicators of socioeconomic wellbeing these days, and the Census Bureau has added another -- access to the Internet, which is no small irony in a state that has spawned so much communications technology.
Although California is slightly above the national average in its residents living in homes with Internet access at 69 percent, according to a new data report, it's well below the national average in individual access to the Internet.
The Census Bureau found that in 2007, just 60.9 percent of the state's residents accessed the Internet from any location, the 16th lowest rate among the 50 states and the District of Columbia. The highest level of such access was found in Alaska, 76.1 percent, while the lowest was 51.5 percent in Mississippi.
The full report, which analyzes Internet access by various demographic and economic factors, as well as geographic ones, is available here.
Source: Capitol Alert, Sacramento Bee
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