Tuesday, February 05, 2008

State budget cuts hurt children

Lets see. Today the state legislators wanted me to vote Yes on Prop. 93 on term limits.
Here is what the Governor is proposing for a budget. Will the legislature stand up to him?
Cuts Hurt Our Local Schools »
Governor Schwarzenegger has proposed cutting nearly $4.8 billion from our schools. This would be disastrous for California’s students – the equivalent of laying off more than 107,000 teachers, reducing per-pupil spending by more than $800 per student, and cutting more than $24,000 from every classroom.
The fact is, students and schools did not create the current budget problem, and their progress shouldn’t be undermined because of it. California’s Education Coalition rejects the Governor’s budget because these cuts are fundamentally inconsistent with the state’s goal of improving student achievement.
According to a recent report from Education Week, California spends $1,900 less per student than the national average, dropping our state from 43rd to 46th in the nation in just a few short years. The report gave California an abysmal D+ in per-pupil spending!
We can do better for California’s students
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