Thursday, October 12, 2006

Iraq for Sale : Free Movie, Free popcorn

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Robert Greenwald’s latest film, "Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers," has just been released, triggering a mix of praise, outrage and grave concern among concerned Americans across all political and cultural boundaries.

“Iraq for Sale” is a tale of unspeakable greed and fraud, misery and betrayal, and brazen waste of public tax dollars for private enrichment. The film reveals in compelling detail the depth of control corporate war profiteers exert over our elected representatives and the danger these alliances have created for soldiers and innocent civilians.

This is a story you won’t hear or read in America’s mainstream, corporate-sponsored media.

In “Iraq for Sale” Greenwald:

Interviews soldiers, former private contractor workers, widows and children whose lives have been devastated as a result of profiteering in the reconstruction of Iraq.

Exposes the price gouging and exorbitant compensation levels of not just Halliburton and its subsidiary, KBR, but also companies like CACI International and Blackwater Security Consulting.

Reveals the longtime personal connections between executives of these corporations and members of the current administration.

Details the stories of truck drivers promised they would be kept out of harm's way, only to be forced to drive into battle zones unprotected.

Takes viewers inside the story of Halliburton’s contract for millions of dollars to purify water -- and how our troops still do not have clean water for things as basic as brushing their teeth or making coffee.
In the true spirit of grassroots support, “Iraq for Sale” was funded entirely outside corporate America. More than 3,000 people donated $367,892 to help Greenwald and Brave New Films produce and distribute this documentary.

“Iraq for Sale” is available now on DVD for only $12.95. You can order yours by clicking here.

This is a film every American should see.
Shown by Sacramento Progressive Alliance. 7 PM. Oct. 13. CSUS. Student Union
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