Friday, January 06, 2006

Wientraub knows what is best for schools

The Bee's pundit who has an expertise on everything has this to say.

"January 06, 2006
Standing firm
Good for school Supt. Jack O'Connell, who announced today that he is standing by the state's high school exit exam, requiring students in the class of 2006 to pass the test in order to receive a diploma. O'Connell, a Democrat, came under intense pressure from his usual friends and allies who wanted him to water down the requirement. But he did the right thing and stood firm. Independent studies have documented that the exit exam is a fair and reasonable requirement. More important, it's been shown that the exam has motivated the schools to do much more to reach out, assist, and tutor students who are at risk of failing. In the past, those students were shuffled along and given a meaningless diploma, then shoved out into a world in which they were unprepared to work or compete. Now they are getting help. O'Connell recognizes this. And he has the guts to say so, even to people who don't want to hear it."

See the earlier postings on exit testing.
There are posted here many experts on testing and many teachers. Or, you can line up with the pundits.
"Independent studies" which studies? Look at the review of the research by the ASU Archives. No positive efffect effect for testing.
Look at the research by Mc Niel & Valenzuela in Texas. No positive effect.
But, those who do not work in school are certain that testing will improve schools. They do not see the results of their programs.
The last three decades have witnessed the development of corporate dominated school reform. It leads to high school exit exams. It does not work.
See Jean Anyon, Radical Possibilities: (2005)
Also see below how media opinions are purchased.
Duane Campbell
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