Saturday, October 29, 2005

Jill Stewart creeps in again

It must be the Halloween Season.
Jill Stewart, writing for Orange County papers and the Sacramento News and Review has been consistently anti teacher and pro Schwarzenegger. Her writing is sort of a very local level of Ann Coulter. ( see prior posts on this site)
In her post in this week’s news and review (Oct.27) she goes after CTA, the California Teachers Association. Fine, they can take care of themselves.
But, lets look at Stewart’s writing.
As she tells the tale, clearly there are at least 15 teachers working with Arnold’s recovery team who are anti CTA. The people listed in the pro Prop. 74 ads and e mail have been examined on the Alliance for Better California site. ( click on link to the right)
I am certain there are at least 15 anti CTA teachers. At one time as many as 40% of teachers were registered Republican.
These folks object to CTA funding the currently successful campaigns to defeat Prop. 74, 75 & 76. The decisions to support or oppose a proposition are made by the CTA Assembly, a large body of 800 plus delegates. ( I was a member over a decade ago). Positions are recommended by a committee and then adopted by a majority vote. Only after a position is adopted does CTA provide funding for campaigns.
Yes, I am confident there are disagreements. I have had some myself. That is called democracy. You participate, you vote, you accept the decision of the majority.
Stewart is trying to advance herself with a strategy similar to Judy Miller of the New York Times scandal. ( Known within the Times as the Miller mess). Stewart takes the campaign efforts and reports them as facts. They are propaganda. These selected “ spokespersons” were presented to news organizations and real news people saw through the thin, staged, campaign stunt. Stewart, on the other hand, reports on the campaign gimmick and pretends it is news. I assume that Stewart hopes to one day reach the level that Judy Miller reached. If the News and Review had real editors, they would see through this.
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